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Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer located in Frederick, MD serving DC, Baltimore, & VA areas.


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Writing about one’s self… is not always easy. So I thought I’d share just a few fun facts.

I am a proud mama, a hopeless romantic, a collector of all things vintage, a goofball, I have an obsession with hats, and I am a LOVE fanatic.

I started photographing full time in 2008 when I moved to Maryland. I am originally from WA state and frequently travel back home to get a good dose of the mountains and overcast skies. But my heart truly resides in downtown Frederick. You could say I found my niche here where hip meets history. This is also where I’ve met some of the most amazing people… and I am looking forward to meeting many more as I raise a family here!

Capturing life through photographs has been one of the most rewarding elements of my life. I love witnessing connections between people whether a bride & groom or a mother & son. To be able to evoke emotion with a photograph and create a reminder of how that moment felt is truly a gift!


It seems the older I get the sappier I’ve become. I cherish every moment I have with my beautiful daughter… she is my light. She has taught me more in her lifetime than I have learned in my own… My heart fills every time I see her and I want to share this joy with as many people as I can. And the best way I know is through photography. You will see her featured quite often on social media and throughout my website.

I realized early on that in order to be truly happy with my creativity... I should combine my passions. So that is what I did. I took my passion for urban living & photography, and developed Magnolia Street… I fell in love with East Fourth Street and the close community that adopted Sophie and I. I believe that the love I have for where I live really comes through in my photographs because I cherish its uniqueness and all the beauty it holds. But at the same time I will always have WA in my blood... so you will find me hiking trails and exploring the local Catoctin Mountains for equally beautiful locations and unique setting for portraits.

I hope that you enjoyed getting to know me and my family a bit... and look forward to adding you to my photography family real soon!