I am a proud mama, a hopeless romantic, a road trip adventurer, I have an obsession with mustaches, and I am a LOVE fanatic.  

In 2008 I moved across country from Olympia, WA to Frederick, MD. I fell in love with this sweet little town even though I do frequently travel back home to get a good dose of the mountains and overcast skies. The majority of my younger years was spent tree hugging & sleeping under the stars... so frequently you'll see me escape deep into the woods with Sophia in tow.  We tent camp & explore the landscapes by hiking together. I feel so incredibly grateful that my daughter is my travel companion & explore buddy!! Life is so good!

To offset my crunchiness... I live downtown Frederick and have a passion for urban life and all the history of this area. I love textures & lines and how it compliments the softness of portraiture. My favorite spots are alleyways and anywhere that gives me a view of rooftops.  I found my true passion for photography here in Frederick and it fills my creative heart everyday.  

Okay enough about me. I want to know more about your love story!

my love story